Wide Set Bathroom Faucets

Wide Set Bathroom Faucets
Wide Set Bathroom Faucets

If your faucet has broken or you are renovating the kitchen or you simply want to renew it, you should know that there are many types of kitchen faucets and each of them has its peculiarities.

There are one or two controls, higher, folding, fixed, extensible, very different materials and aesthetics, and there are even models and accessories that help us save water.

Even the place you are going to occupy in the kitchen is important when choosing between the kitchen faucets with which you stay.
What to look for before buying a tap

It is possible that buying a faucet seems like something without greater complication than choosing a nice one according to the style of your kitchen, but the truth is that there are many details to take into account to get the decision right and that we have a really functional faucet.

Space: We must take different measures to know the limitations we can have when choosing a tap. We must know the measures of the sink, the distance to the wall, the opening of the window in case of having it over the sink, the distance with the furniture if we have it on this point, etc. Similarly, the size of the sink influences because the larger it is, the more we should cover with the tap.
Situation: Where are you going to place it? The answer is not “in the sink”, but you must think if you want it to go on the counter or on the wall. The former are more common although installing it on the wall saves us space on the countertop.
Cleaning: Watermarks will appear at some point and we all like to keep the shine of a new tap as long as possible. That is why it is important to think about its cleanliness and maintenance.
Design: Before thinking about which faucet you find most beautiful, you have to consider the other points, but it is true that there are very careful models along with functional.
Durability: If we want a tap that lasts a long time in perfect conditions, we must pay attention to the material of the discs that allow the use of the controls. The ideal is that they are ceramic to open them gently, that the flow is regulated with comfort and that they wear very slowly.
Options that help to save: There are taps that help to spend less water. For example, if you incorporate aerator, thanks to which you save in terms of flow. In addition, the mixer taps also help to save energy because to open the hot water we have to turn it towards one end and it is not necessary to regulate the flow with two controls.

Types of taps

When choosing a tap, if we do not have a clear idea of ​​what we are looking for, the ideal is to decide in the following order: first, the type of opening we want; then, where will we install it; Then we will choose the type of pipe and finally the material and style in which it is available.

Next, we will take a tour of each type of existing tap based on these very different qualities.
Types of tap according to your installation

Where we have to install our tap will mark the rest of the decisions when buying one. There are two possibilities:

On the countertop: Whether on the countertop itself or in the sink, this type of installation in the most common.
On the wall: If you have been to older houses you will have seen them. And today is a less frequent type of installation. The tap comes out of the wall and the spout falls over the sink, so they are usually quite elongated. This is because the water intakes are at that height in the wall and a small reform would be necessary to change them under the sink.

Types of kitchen faucets according to opening system

Once we are clear where we are going to install it, we find several types of faucets depending on how we open the water with them:

Single lever: These are taps in which only a single control is necessary to regulate the flow rate and water temperature. For their comfort and how practical they are, they are the best sellers.
Bimando: The most traditional and classic models are the bimando faucets, that is, those that have two controls to regulate the temperature of the water, being one for the cold and one for the hot. By regulating them separately we achieve the desired temperature, something that causes water and energy to be wasted, hence they have been displaced by the single-lever.
Pedal tap: In industrial and professional kitchens they are very common. It is a tap that is operated by a pedal located on the floor. Water will only come out when you step on it, so we can’t let the water run. Now, it is very practical not to dirty it with your hands or when we need to operate the water and we have them busy holding a container, for example.
Tap with activation sensor: They work thanks to an electronic device that detects the presence and that is when they are activated. They are not yet extended in homes but every time we see them more in places with

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