Bathroom Faucet Adapter

Bathroom Faucet Adapter
Bathroom Faucet Adapter

Human beings are responsible for the catastrophic situation in which the environment is. For too many years, the dream of unlimited growth has eclipsed a stubborn nature that knocked on the door of its deaf abusers. But it is no longer worth hiding. Men and women have begun to look around to remedy an urgent situation, such as the rapid decline in drinking water. For this, technology has been made available to the human being to try to save as much as possible for a better future. What inventions have been developed to reduce the waste of water in the shower?

Water is considered by many the oil of the 21st century. For coveted, for increasingly scarce, for valuable and vital. More than 663 million people according to WHO do not yet have access to drinking water. In spite of that, and despite the decrease in this resource, every day we waste liters and liters of a water. One of the moments when you lose more is during the shower. The WHO determines that a 10-minute shower wastes 200 liters.

One of the main problems caused by the waste of water in the shower is the lack of efficiency of the taps. To try to improve it, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users, one of the best options is to install flow reducers, since they allow to save about 50% of the precious resource according to the device. The operation is simple: this device allows water to be mixed with air, reducing the flow, which does not reduce comfort or the sensation of the amount of water, but it does save.

Apart from these, there are different systems to reduce the flow of water that comes out of the tap, such as perlizers or flow reducers. Some limit the opening of the command and the others narrow the pipe. The final result always depends on the behavior of the original faucet, on whether in normal conditions it allows a very abundant flow or not, and on the use that the consumer makes of the faucet.

Another time when a lot of water is thrown is when we look for the right temperature. More than eight liters are lost through the drain when we try not to freeze or burn when we enter the shower.

There are systems that allow acting, such as thermostatic faucets. These allow you to preset the desired temperature, which theoretically only 2 liters are lost until you reach the specific temperature. There are also eco-stop systems, which allow to stop the flow and restore it with the same temperature and flow.

Reuse the remaining water

In all likelihood, despite having adjusted the taps and controlled the temperature, we will continue to waste water. Quiet, because there are many ways to recover this precious resource and reuse it to continue saving.

One of the most innovative ways is the Esferic bag. Yes, it is a plastic bag, but this simple invention saves thousands of liters of water a year. Its use is very easy: it hangs in the shower and the artichoke is introduced while one waits for the water to be at the desired temperature. This collected water can be reused to water the plants, wash the dishes or any other household task.

Other ideas aim to unify the bathroom to reduce water consumption. Tank cava, for example, is an ecological shower useful to recover used water, filter it and use it for the WC. This idea is shared by many systems, which aims to unite the sink, shower and toilet in one space. These three elements merge so extraordinarily as bizarre in a huge device that perfectly fulfills the function of the three.

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